SWD011 | Eternal Desire

A project that emerged out of a shared love of underground US disco, melodic Italian house and esoteric Balearic treasures...
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SWSD010 | Love

There’s a new Technicolor musical phenomenon emitting from the Morphogenetic Field…
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Substance Select Vol.2 12″

A new 12" for 2020...
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Can You Pass The Acid Test?

A Day-Glo excerpt from Tom Wolfe's 'Electric Kool Aid Acid Test'...
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African Dub Chapter Three

Lloyd Bradley: Dubwise Situation

A dubwise excursion from Lloyd Bradley's 2000-published book ‘Bass Culture: When Reggae Was King'...
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Substance Select Vol.1 12″

There's some new Super Weird wax on the way this summer....
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The Breakfast Club

John Higgs: Generation Z & The Breakfast Club

An excerpt from John Higgs brand new book 'The Future Starts Here: Adventures In The Twenty-First Century'...
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credit-Nick Mizen

Alan Moore & Youth In Conversation

Today marks the first anniversary of our Super Weird Happening that took over the Dingle's Florrie for 14 hours of magick, music and mayhem. One of the highlights was this illuminating conversation between Alan Moore & Youth...
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A journey through the early New York graffiti/hip hop scene with the enigma known as Rammellzee...
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Psychedelic Experience

The Psychedelic Disco Connection

Exploring the link between psychedelic counterculture and the origins of disco...
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