SWD012 | Moonlight (Kept Us Up)

The third in Super Weird Substance’s 2020 digital releases, Guevarism’s ‘Moonlight (Kept Us Up)’ sees the label further broadening its horizons to take in a wider scope of dance styles.

Ché Wilson has been integral to this new direction. Having forged his own path as a musician, he’s more recently found a new outlet for creativity, becoming a DJ/Producer in his own right. Guevarism is his own club-based project.

Setting the tone via a series of remixes in collaboration with his father Greg Wilson, for Confidence Man, Underground System, The Jungle Giants, Bella Technika, Sleight Of Hands and Hipnotic, the duo provided the label’s first digital release of the year, ‘Love’ with their new project The Emanations. Following with Soulsmoke’s ‘Eternal Desire’, the debut from a new collaboration between Ché Wilson and JRay.

The uplifting ‘Moonlight (Kept Us Up)’ features vocalist Carmel Reynolds, who has already made key contributions to the label’s evolution. A futuristic breakbeat workout, ‘Moonlight’ is intricate yet forceful, sometimes ethereal; sometimes menacing; it revises the rave blueprint for a new generation of dancers.

With his band Rubber Dub in increasing demand, whilst the Keep It Cryptic underground parties he co-promotes in Liverpool go from strength to strength, Ché is a rising force within the Merseyside music scene – this new single further enhancing his emergence.

SWSD012 | Guevarism – Moonlight (Kept Us Up)

Released 17th April 2020


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