SWD011 | Eternal Desire

Soulsmoke is a project that emerged out of a shared love of underground US disco, melodic Italian house and esoteric Balearic treasures. With Ché Wilson (Guevarism) working alongside Josh Ray (JRay), Soulsmoke flirts with all three styles, bridging the down and dirty grooves of disco with the floating euphoria of house music, all with an eye on the hedonistic, loved-up party beaches across the Europe.

Arriving with a statement of intent, 9-minutes of hard-hitting piano-driven house, Soulsmoke’s ‘Eternal Desire’ pulls no punches in the pursuit of moving a peak-time crowd. Working with younger Liverpool-based musicians, Super Weird Substance is ebbing slowly closer to its goal of a house-band, with Andrew Wileman providing infectious keys and Lady Soul stepping up with a primal take on JRay’s cosmically charged lyrics, backed subtly by Carmel Reynolds.

Having been DJing together for over a year, whilst previously collaborating on a number of DJ edits as the Fire House collective, Ché Wilson and JRay have built up a solid working relationship, with a finessed and varied musical ability paired with a deep and extensive knowledge of music.

Soulsmoke can be seen as the Yin to the Yang of the Cryptide collective, another project formed by duo, which also includes a host of like-minded musicians and producers. The dark and brooding acid/electro/breakbeat sounds of The Cryptide form a balance to the majestic and uplifting disco/house/Balearic sounds of Soulsmoke.

JRay and Ché Wilson have recently begun DJing together as Soulsmoke and are set to take Super Weird Substance’s new sound to venues and festivals around the UK, with further releases later this year.

SWSD011 | Soulsmoke – Eternal Desire

Released 13th March 2020



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