Psychedelic Experience

The Psychedelic Disco Connection

Exploring the link between psychedelic counterculture and the origins of disco...
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Lullaby Of A Bottlecap Queen

The Northampton Arts lab have been at it again; working tirelessly on their latest, and most ambitious project to date...
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23 Super Weird Landmarks

Given all that's taken place over the past three years, we've decided to put together a list of 23 milestones along our Super Weird path...
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Chaos, Club Closures & Creativity: Greg Wilson talks to Mike Boorman

A few months back we caught up with an interesting character called Mike Boorman who writes and podcasts for Ran$om Note...
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Welcome To The Dark Ages Warped

Went to make a hard copy of our recent 'Welcome To The Dark Ages' blog post and the printer did something super weird with the pictures...
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Welcome To The Dark Ages - Photo Credit - Tim Collins 01

Welcome To The Dark Ages: The JAMs Return

What the fuuk is going on..?
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The Liverpool Arts Lab

The time has come for Liverpool to join the ever-growing Arts Lab movement...
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SWS T-Shirts

Super Weird T-Shirts

Having been popular in the past, the Super Weird Substance logo t-shirts are available again in both black and white and can be purchased at our Bandcamp...
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SWSD009 | Gone With The Vibe

The latest release from Greg Wilson’s Super Weird Substance sees a return of The Super Weird Society; an amalgamation of the label’s vocalists – Kermit Leveridge, Katherine and Carmel Reynolds and The…
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RAWDay / Santa Cruz, California

The transatlantic connections in our mycelium network were finally made on 23rd July, 2017...
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