Chaos, Club Closures & Creativity: Greg Wilson talks to Mike Boorman


A few months back we caught up with an interesting character called Mike Boorman who writes and podcasts for Ran$om Note. He wanted to speak with Greg for his Hot Air interview series, touching on many issues including a conversation on creativity within times of turmoil. Drawing parallels to the psychedelic sixties; they talk about how times of oppression and confusion can prove to be fertile ground for creative youth movements.

With its future still uncertain at the time of recording, the interview also reflects on the possible closure of Fabric and the wider threat posed to nightlife, however what the interview reveals to be the case is that the real cause for the fragmentation of youth culture is due to people closing off their online world within their own social media.

Mal - Super Weird

The interview also goes into the origins of Super Weird Substance and the underlying influence of Alan Moore on the label and how things came full circle in collaborating with him. They also discuss how, Moore, John Higgs and Robert Anton Wilson have helped make sense of the world as it falls further into discord. It’s also a nice little snapshot in time, recorded between the time of ‘Alan Moore’s Mandrill Meets Super Weird Substance At The Arts Lab Apocalypse‘ and April Fools’ Day’s 14 Hour Super Weird Happening.

After the interview, Mike told us of his own super weird adventures that came on the back of his friend’s badly taxidermied fox becoming an internet sensation, picked up on by DJ Space Dimension Controller before snowballing in popularity in Russia. Mike’s recounted the many hilarious scrapes and capers the fox has taken him on over the past few years via Ran$om Note. Check them out here