SWSD010 | Love


There’s a new Technicolor musical phenomenon emitting from the Morphogenetic Field… Known as The Emanations, this new project will act as a vessel for Greg and Ché Wilson to explore a new cut and paste approach to production. Sending fragments of classic and cult classic dance tracks through their sonic prism to create fresh hybrid tracks.

The past couple of years have been prolific for the pair in the studio, turning their hand to a number of varied official remixes, including Sleight Of Hands’ 10CC cover on Om Records, The Cuban Brothers cover of Razzy’s Northern Soul classic, Heavenly Records Melbourne-based outfit Confidence Man, Hipnotic’s early ‘80s boogie, Brooklyn collective Underground System on Soul Clap Records, Serbian electronic live act Bella Technika and the Confidence Man-affiliated Jungle Giants – with further mixes delivered and in the pipeline.

The Emanations project has been developing alongside this plethora of remixes, with Greg and Ché utilising stems provided by Tyrell, the Canadian-based multi-instrumentalist also responsible for replaying the parts for Rolling Stones/Massive Attack mash-up ‘Two Sides Of The Sympathy’ and SWS Chemise cover, ‘She Can’t Love You’.

‘Love’ is the first offering from the project, and links back to the beginnings of Super Weird Substance. Like with the label’s debut release, ‘Summer Came My Way’, the song was originally written by Greg Wilson and performed by The Reynolds for Schooled In The Classics.

This time however, it was mixed down at SWS HQ. Blending and fusing Tyrell’s re-recordings, GW and CW fed The Reynolds through a vocoder, inviting deeply emotive flautist Manon McCoy to add a delicate layer of ethereal magic.

SWSD010 | The Emanations – Love

Released 14th February 2020