14 Hour Super Weird Happening – The Rafters & The Beams

Invisible Wind Factory Live

Invisible Wind Factory

The Invisible Wind Factory is the next venture from The Kazimier collective, who’ve become a central part of Liverpool’s creative community over the years. Their huge North Dock warehouse space has laid the foundation for that area of the city to become a new artistic hub, with their multi-faceted building already utilised as a club space and the IWFM internet radio station and more plans in the pipeline. We’ve given the IWF collective the four hours to play with and Sam Crombie and cohorts have a semi-improvised jam planned that they’ll play within one of their elaborately constructed stage sets.


The Cage of Experiments Performance

 ‘The Cage of Experiments’ is a performance installation inside a giant golden birdcage curated and performed by Katy-Anne Bellis and members of her company Caustic Widows. The birdcage is a durational visual feast exploring freedom, restriction, self limitation, otherness and gender politics. The birdcage will be a permanent fixture and will host performances throughout day.

The Private Sector Live

The Private Sector

The Private Sector is the net product of three prolific multi-media artists, driven by the dark shadow of British society. As our deepest hopes for humanity have been chewed up and spat in our faces by the global powers, this work takes that mealy phlegm and uses it as lube. The Private Sector is comprised of veracious vocalist Tim Leopard aka Satan the Warrior-Magician, subversive sound sculptor Sam Hewitt aka Lucifer the Lover-Magician and the vilifying visual manipulations of Eric Drass aka Jehova the King-Magician. When the game appears rigged you need a new set of rules.

Youth DJ

Youth - credit Kim Sølve

Starting out in the punk scene, Martin Glover adopted the name Pig Youth, a play on the name of a Jamaican deejay, and soon established a name for himself with Killing Joke, who influenced the name of Alan Moore’s comic. Youth has been prolific in the studio over the years, lending his bass guitar, production and remixing skills to Art Of Noise, Kate Bush, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Primal Scream, The Verve, Malcolm McLaren and A Guy Called Gerald to name a few and he even played a role in the formation of the KLF via the band Brilliant.

Jamie Reid Talk

Jamie Reid

 Jamie Reid is an anarchist punk artist who rose to fame through his work with the Sex Pistols. His ‘God Save The Queen’ artwork was described by The Observer as ‘the single most iconic image of the punk era’. He’s continued to subvert over the years, working with Jimmy Cauty on a pastiche replacing ‘God Save The Queen’ with ‘God Save Damien Hirst’  in response to the allegations that Hirst was to sue a student for copyright infringement. Now based in Liverpool, Jamie Reid’s work was exhibited at The Florrie at the end of last year, shining a light on his significance and legacy.

Alan Moore Talk

Alan Moore

Known as ‘the greatest living Englishman’ in some circles, Alan Moore is the prolific and often prophetic writer who elevated the craft of comic books to high art with his deeply human characters, striking juxtapositioning and complex and interwoven narratives. Ten years in the making, his epic second novel ‘Jerusalem’ lays out the depth and breadth of Moore’s philosophy whilst transforming The Boroughs area of Northampton into a mythical place by weaving together the strands of its history. More recently, Moore has shifted his attention to poetry and occasionally, primate tyrants.

Tea Street Band Live

Tea Street Band

The Tea Street Band are Timo Tierney, Nick Otaegui, Lee Smith and Dom Allen. Having established a solid name in their home city, their shows in New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Seoul and throughout Europe have seen them build a fanbase across the globe. Having extensively toured the UK, building fans along the way from Janice Long on Radio 2 to John Kennedy of XFM, they have picked up plays along the way from Dave Monks, Jo Good, Clint Boon and Rob Da Bank. The Tea Street Band cross over genres and feed the spirit of the dancefloor – some of their songs are becoming anthems across Merseyside.

Super Weird Society Live

Super Weird Soundsystem

A viscerally engaging, life-affirming experience, the Super Weird Society brings together the label’s kaleidoscope of balaericpyschedelicdubdisco sounds into a sound system experience that sets dancefloors and festivals alight. Working with the music produced by Greg Wilson, The Super Weird Society are…

Kermit Leveridge – an original British b-boy, a Ruthless Rap Assassin whose rhymes were hailed by Roots Manuva as the ‘the roots of grime’.

The Reynolds – Merseyside-based twins with an instinctive comprehension of music, who are almost telepathically in harmony with one another – a true vocal force.

The Reverend Cleve Freckleton – a former Minister Of Music who channels the fire and spectacle of a Deep South Service in his  performances.

Greg Wilson DJ

Greg WIlson

Greg Wilson is a Merseyside-based DJ who played a pivotal role in the development of UK club culture in the early eighties during his tenure at Wigan Pier and Manchester’s Legend and Haçienda. Focussing on production over the next decade he worked on the seminal ‘UK Electro’ in ’84, and produced two critically acclaimed albums for the Ruthless Rap Assassins in ‘90 and ’91. Returning to DJing in 2003, Greg connected with a younger audience and began to spread his reach across the world via his ‘Credit To The Edit’ compilations, his ‘Essential Mix’, two blogs, and most recently Super Weird Substance.