14 Hour Super Weird Happening – Art / Performance

 Melinda Gebbie Exhibition

Melinda Gebbie is a fine artist and comic book illustrator who’s history stretches back to psychedelic San Fransisco. An early feminist in a male-dominated industry, Gebbie has always been revolutionary in her art and this exhibition explores her most recent body of work that she’s amassed while living with husband Alan Moore in Northampton, drawing influence from her sixties’ roots.

Jamie Reid Exhibition

Jamie Reid is an anarchist and well renowned artist who utilised a ransom note, Situationist-influenced ‘décollage’ style in his work with the Sex Pistols, which became an easily recognisable symbol of punk. Having already exhibited at The Florrie and dedicated a permanent mural, he will be complementing it by bringing a selection of his works to the Happening.

Andy Edwards Exhibition

Andy Edwards - Muhammad Ali

Andy Edwards is a sculptor based in Stoke-On-Trent who’s created a number of notable public statues in Liverpool including St George’s Park’s ‘All Together Now’, depicting the 1914 Christmas truce, Muhammad Ali in the Baltic and The Beatles along the waterfront. He’ll be bringing some of the maquettes from his most famous statues along to place in various locations in The Florrie.

Phil Hardaker Exhibition

Phil Hardaker is a sculptor, ceramicist and mosaic artist based in Staffordshire. He works with a mixture of clay and found objects, creating elaborate collages that reveal more and more the closer in you get to them.

Carl Fletcher Exhibition

Carl Fletcher has painted scenery for blockbusters during a spell in Hollywood film studios and worked on decorative pillars at the Trafford Centre as well as an exhibition of ‘The Gappalioness Monkey Project’ in his native Liverpool. Carl Fletcher’s work has been described as ‘powerful pop art’, a description he is happy to embrace.

Next Stop New York Exhibition

Liverpool Next Stop New York is a project investigating the huge impact that Black American music has had on the city of Liverpool and its people, and how it continues to do so to this day. Through a selection of photographs their exhibitions show how black American music found its way to Liverpool and and how it was appropriated and expressed by the local population.

Marcus Hislop Live Art

 Marcus Hislop is a Glasgow-based artist who specialises in depicting figures from popular culture. The Notorious Gasoline Company he set up is prolific in creating ‘artwork with the saturation and contrast turned RIGHT UP!’

SLM Live Art

SLM aka Sarah Lynn Mayhew is an Essex-based painter and street artist with a distinctive and easily recognisable style. At our previous Happenings she’s painted Kermit Leveridge, Howard Marks and Alan Moore – all hanging proudly on the walls at SWS HQ.

 Dan Lish Live Art

Dan Lish - Bob Marley

Dan Lish is a conceptual artist and illustrator who’s worked with Sony, Lucas Arts and Rockstar Games over the years. He’s best known for his ‘Ego Strip’ series which takes a more intimate view of hip-hop legends and music pioneers, looking beyond their projected personas and towards their true essence.

Mook Loxley Live Art

Mook Loxley is a Merseyside-based illustrator and gig-sketcher who regularly contributes to local magazine, Bido Lito! including the depiction of Carl Jung’s dream about ‘the pool of life’, Liverpool.

 Northampton Arts Lab Projections

Megan Lucas is one of the driving forces behind Arts Lab Northampton, alongside Alan Moore. Her visual wizardry has leant itself perfectly to the ‘Mandrillifesto’ project and she has something very special planned for the Happening.

Liz Von Graevenitz Projections

Liz von Graevenitz is a contemporary artist based in the heart of Sheffield’s Cultural Industries Quarter. She’s exhibited both locally and internationally, working as co-curator for the International Artist Exchange Program Regular Line in Sheffield and Slovakia.

Tristan Brady-Jacobs Projections

Tristan Brady-Jacobs is a Liverpool-based artist and creative instigator who has a treasure chest full of forgotten artefacts from popular culture that he manipulates and overlays in a live visual display.

The Mandrill Choir Performance

A performance from a one-off Mandrill Choir, assembled specifically with the 14 Hour Super Weird Happening in mind. Cometh the moment, cometh the Mandrill…

The Night & Days Performance  

The Night and Days are Tracey Carmen, Sam Heller, Katherine and Carmel Reynolds, a vocal harmony group that specialise in jazz, swing and big band songs of the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s. They have a special performance planned for this Happening.

The Reverend Cleve Freckleton Performance

 With his keyboard at hand, The Reverend Cleve Freckleton can hold court for hours with his soulful sing-alongs, drawing from his time serving as Minister of Music in the States as well as his musical output for Super Weird Substance.

Tim ‘Bones’ Forde Performance

Tim ‘Bones’ Forde was a pioneering breakdancer in Manchester, part of the Broken Glass crew alongside Kermit Leveridge. His infectious dancing has fed into the energy of some of our previous Happenings and he’ll be joining us at The Florrie.

Pete Fowler Artistic Contribution

Alan Moore’s Mandrill Meets Super Weird Substance At The Arts Lab Apocalypse

Pete Fowler is an artist and animator, describing himself as a “monster creator”. He’s best known for his ‘Monsterism Island’ and work with the Super Furry Animals, whilst he also contributes to Greg Wilson’s DJ Mag column, illustrating a legendary DJ each month.

Dominic Mandrell Artistic Contribution

Dom - Obey

Dominic Mandrell is an artist who’s been key to Super Weird Substance visually from the very start. He adapted a psychedelic poster to create our ‘Hooded Man’, illustrated the SWS inspirations collage on our record sleeves and his most recent work combines two Shepard Fairey pieces to create striking propaganda for the ‘Mandrillifesto’.

Mal Earl Artistic Contribution 

Mal - Super Weird

Mal Earl is another artist who’s been a crucial contributor to Super Weird Substance, creating the artwork for Kermit’s ‘Lie’s And Other Fools’ – which he’s now adapting into a comic strip – the imagery for the Super Weird Soundsystem and now, a vibrant and psychedelic Mandrill offering.