SWSD009 | Gone With The Vibe

The latest release from Greg Wilson’s Super Weird Substance sees a return of The Super Weird Society; an amalgamation of the label’s vocalists – Kermit Leveridge, Katherine and Carmel Reynolds and The Reverend Cleve Freckleton.

Following on from the memorable 14 Hour Super Weird Happening in Liverpool in April, which saw a live performance of the much-loved ‘Alan Moore’s Mandrill Meets The Super Weird Society At The Arts Lab Apocalypse’ mixtape, Super Weird Substance are back releasing music, building on the support received for the first 8 releases in 2015.

Since the Mandrill mixtape, there’s been much creation at SWS HQ and SWSD009 is the first official release from this new crop of tracks, some of which will be performed in the new ‘Super Weird Jam’ at Remember Love in Liverpool the weekend following the release. The ‘Super Weird Jam’ incorporates Xjukebox’s The Isrights into a live semi-improvised performance and the label’s four vocalists with Cleve on keys, performing through covers and Super Weird favourites.

Written by Henry Greenwood, Kermit Leveridge, The Reynolds and producer, Greg Wilson, the disco funk jam ‘Gone With The Vibe’ has been a big summer favourite for GW this year, with Henry’s Extended Mix being his weapon of choice.

SWSD009 | The Super Weird Society – Gone With The Vibe

Released 4th August 2017
#1 – Gone With The Vibe [Henry’s Extended Mix]
#2 – Gone With The Vibe [Acappella]
#3 – Gone With The Vibe [Greg Wilson Original Roadtest]
#4 – Gone With The Vibe [Henry’s Instrumental Mix]
Digital available here