SWS008 | This Is The Last Time You’ll See Me Here

SWS008 Wide

Having taken on Greg Wilson’s vision of ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ with aplomb, Kermit Leveridge decided to bring his own track into play for the follow-up release. Growing up in a Caribbean household, ska was a staple for Kermit, and Derrick Morgan’s easy skanking ‘Seven Letters’ was a record that particularly resonated.

Originally a soul track written and recorded by Ben E. King, ‘Seven Letters’ follows a series of love notes sent to his girl over a week, but with a response lacking, he ends up losing faith in the relationship and decides to go back home. The theme of ‘going back home’ had a particular significance in Kermit’s household growing up, with his parents often talking about ‘going back home’ to Jamaica.

Taking him back to childhood; mentally, emotionally and spiritually, ‘Seven Letters’ is one of those songs that’s been a constant in Kermit’s life, always looming in the back of his mind and re-emerging at times of relevance. Kermit had played with the idea of making a version of the track with Blind Arcade but it was put on ice as EVM128 was too busy with his studies to work on anything at the time.

On the back of some brilliant work he’d done with Greg Wilson, Kermit discussed the idea with Peza and was astounded when he received a robust demo of the backing track the very next day. Although Peza had taken the track in a slightly different direction than Kermit had previously intended, the new version had it’s own distinctive vibe and Kermit quickly set about finding the right lyrics to fit.

In this contemporary interpretation, Kermit’s decided enough is enough and he’s heading back home; his bags are packed, his boots laced up and he’s going down that long dusty road – this is the last time you’ll see him round here.

Having lent their vocal prowess to the first seven Super Weird Substance releases, the sublime singing capacity of The Reynolds and Tracey Carmen was a must on the eighth. Counterbalancing the staunch swagger of Peza’s dubwise programming, the trio’s mellow yet flavoursome backing vocals tie everything together.

EVM128 contributed with some ruff up sounds, helping with the track’s raw edge, most effective in Greg & Peza’s alternative ‘version’. Gareth ‘Misterlong’ Bailey adds to the melancholy via his mournful trombone, inspired by Rico from The Specials, who sadly died recently aged 80.


SWS008 | Kermit Leveridge & The Super Weird Society – This Is The Last Time You’ll See Me Here

Released 06th November 2015
A1 – This Is The Last Time You’ll See Me Here [Greg Wilson & Peza Club Mix]
AA1 – This Is The Last Time You’ll See Me Here [Greg Wilson & Peza Radio Mix]
AA2 – This Is The Last Time You’ll See Me Here [Greg Wilson & Peza Version]
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