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When ‘World Gone Crazy’ was originally written in the early nineties as part of the Mind Body & Soul project Greg Wilson was then developing with singer Tracey Carmen, it was intended for an album that never was and only a demo version was ever recorded.

Its lyrics identified an information age already spiralling out of control. Two decades on however, and it’s far beyond anything anyone could have imagined back then. Originally referencing the post-acid house generation, ‘a generation lost and disillusioned’ now becomes the sixties generation, growing old in a world even more corrupt and confused than the one they thought they’d change.

Listening through the old MBS demos for tracks that might be updated for The Reynolds, it was suggested that ‘World Gone Crazy would be perfect for Leeds singer/musician The Reverend Cleve Freckleton, who came into our Super Weird orbit when he crossed paths with Blind Arcade at last year’s Latitude Festival. The gruff gravitas of The Reverend’s voice was exactly what the track needed, serving to give its words more relevance now than when they were written.

From an early age the gospel sound of Cleve’s family’s Pentecostal practises loomed large over his life and after a chance encounter with a pin-sharp pimp-turned-preacher, Cleve ventured to the depths of America with him. As ‘Minister of Music’ The Reverend worked in some of the Southern Belt’s most deprived neighbourhoods and even found himself performing to James Brown in a South Carolina penitentiary chapel.

Channelling the fire and spectacle of a spiritual laden Deep South service, Cleve found his own distinct groove in secular music upon returning to the UK. From recording with British neo funk stalwarts The New Mastersounds on their debut album to taking a band of musicians to Durban, South Africa on request of Leeds city council, Cleve’s forceful voice has reached a diverse set of ears.

‘World Gone Crazy was adroitly programmed by Peza, with The Reynolds and the song’s original singer, Tracey Carmen, providing powerful bvox and Ché Wilson weighing in with funk-laced rhythm guitar – Cleve cuts a commanding figure, calling out the world’s wrongs from his sonic pulpit.

‘Loving that ‘World Gone Crazy’.’
~ Norman Cook AKA Fatboy Slim

‘Like the club dub on ‘World Gone Crazy’. Very Prince.’
~ Bill Brewster

SWS004 | The Reverend Cleve Freckleton & The Sinners – World Gone Crazy

Released 31st July 2015
A1 – World Gone Crazy [Greg Wilson & Peza Club Dub]
AA1- World Gone Crazy [Greg Wilson & Peza Radio Mix]
AA2 – World Gone Crazy [Greg Wilson & Peza Hip Hop Mix]


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