Super Weird Summer 2016

Artwork by Mal Earl

Following on from last year’s serendipitous magic in Portmeirion at Festival Number 6, we’ll be taking our Super Weird sound to four new festivals. To begin with we’ll take the Super Weird Substance – a sound system styled set-up with Greg Wilson, Kermit Leveridge, The Reynolds and the Reverend Cleve Freckleton – to the first three festivals, beginning in July with the Discordian caper in a Yorkshire woodland, Festival 23 and then Camp Bestival in Dorset. Greg will also be playing DJ sets at both of these events.

You’ll be able to catch the full Blind Arcade band at Moovin festival in Manchester the following month, where they’ll be representing the label by themselves and then, on the Isle of Wight, the summer will culminate with Super Weird In The Woods at Bestival, featuring DJs, talks, and the Super Weird crew.

For those of who didn’t attend our happening at Festival No.6 last year, here’s how it went down:

You can join the event page for this year here

Festival 23

23rd/24th July – Super Weird Substance – Festival 23, South Yorkshire

Camp Bestival 2016

31st July – Super Weird Substance – Camp Bestival, Dorset


28th August – Blind Arcade – Moovin, Manchester


11th September – Super Weird in the Woods – Bestival, The Isle Of Wight

So there’s plenty of opportunities to come along and see Super Weird Substance this summer if you want a little more after the last happening or if you’re still looking to experience it all for the first time. See you this summer!

I was feeling kind of lonesome,

Nothing left to say.
A beat without a drum,

Then someone came my way.

My way, my way, my way,
Summer came my way,

My way, my way, my way,
Summer came my way,

Check out Greg Wilson’s festival schedule here