Love Artwork


In order to help spread a little more LOVE through these difficult times, we’ve invited 5 artists, local and international, to create a piece of visual art based on the theme of LOVE.

Tying in with ‘The Love EP’, featuring brand new mixes of The Emanations from Soul Clap, digitally released on 4th December 2020, these art commissions see the label make a return to the multi-media creativity witnessed during the Super Weird Happenings – the formula reworked to create an online countercultural ecosystem for a socially distant world.



Art BoobiesArt Boobies (Lily CB) is a 20-year old artist from Liverpool. Her illustrative style has developed from years of sketching characters and watching them change as she does. After drawing bald people for over a year, Lily shaved her own head. This left her wondering whether she drew what she would become, or if she became what she drew. This merging of art and self is displayed in her work, as the characters and colours she uses often embody the varying ways she views herself at that given time. From digital illustrations to plant pots with faces, Art Boobies produces quirky and light-hearted art pieces as a means to express herself and bring joy to others.



Frank XarateFrank Xarate (Francisco Zarate) was born in Buenaventura, a small island in the Colombian Pacific and currently resides and works in Buenos Aires. A designer in visual communication, his work explores the interaction between art and design, and of an ancestral baggage. Swaying between digital and manual techniques, he explores an interconnection between a virtual world in relation to new technologies and forms of communication, in a swing towards a past, towards the construction of a myth, of a ritual to decipher my identity as a visual artist. Creating new representations influenced from the past looking towards a future.



AntikkiAndrianna Moulinos, also known as Antikki, is a tattoo artist and illustrator based in Bristol. She is also involved in festivals as a decor artist and has worked as a visual artist within carnival. The core inspiration for her artwork comes from her experience within music and club culture and her strong connection with dance. She feels that dancing is a form of expression that connects people together, bringing a powerful sense of community and well-being. The ritual of dance has occurred for thousands of years but instead of it being around fires, we now dance with our tribes around sound systems! Andrianna wants her work to remind people how important the arts truly is by connecting us to our roots.



MokshaMoksha has been a multi-disciplinary artist, creative facilitator and producer for over twenty years. She has delivered her gritty, honest and sometimes deeply personal words to audiences throughout the UK. She has also produced many celebrated, underground, transformative events, including Daisy Campbell’s ‘Find the Others Conferestival’. She runs personally devised Expressive Arts Programs for young people suffering the challenges of mental health illness, and continues to create her own bodies of artwork. She specialises in upcycling, using objects she finds in nature, or just everyday use, to create striking abstract collages. Most recently she has been illustrating both her own poetry and that of others for publication.



NatashaNatasha Tomchin is an artist, designer and coder driven by a fascination with natural phenomena. Born in Belarus and raised in Nebraska, she’s called Miami home for the last ten years. Inspired by the clouds and lush flora, her art draws directly from her surroundings in an effort to connect more deeply with nature. These feelings translate across code art, painted furniture, sculpture, video, and projection installations. Always exploring new creative forms of expression, she uses unconventional methods to cross visual boundaries. Her ‘Digital Dreamscapes’ are surreal manipulations of the natural world that encourage the audience to appreciate the ephemeral and awe-inspiring beauty surrounding them.