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‘Summer Came My Way’, the first ever Super Weird Substance release, is out now. Seven more records are due to come out this summer and if you can’t wait for the next three you can grab the first four releases together in our Super Weird Substance Box Set.

The feedback we’ve been getting for each of the first four tracks has been really promising, here’s a selection beneath….

This is really special, unique music. References to the past, the future and beyond. But most importantly will move yo booty!
~ Soul Clap (USA)

I love these tracks. The Luxxury Club Mix of ‘Summer Came My Way’ is an absolutely wonderful, laid back, atmospheric, dreamy, summer groove that is full of appeal. The other tracks are great too, with elements of punk, funk and soul. Tom Tom Club (‘She Can’t Love You’) and Temptations (‘World Gone Crazy’) spring to mind too.
~ Graeme Park

Rocking the Super Weird tracks ‘Summer Came My Way’, Sweet Tooth ‘C’mon Sway’ mix and ‘World Gone Crazy’ club dub.  Unique stuff!
~ Mark Farina (USA)

Hypnotic groove. Great stuff (‘Summer Came My Way’).

Such an awesome groove, will get any dance floor moving (‘She Can’t Love You/Feel The Same’).
~ Late Nite Tuff Guy (Australia)

Definitely will be able to use the Luxxury mix of the first release, really nice vocal track, like it a lot. Like the Chemise cover, too, though I think I prefer the Kermit version just because it’s more different from the original which is pretty faithful to the Chemise, but it’s still a very good cover. Like the club dub on World Gone Crazy. Very Prince.
~ Bill Brewster

I absolutely love ‘Summer Came My Way’. Sounded amazing, production is just superb.
~ Ralph Lawson (Back To Basics)

Been enjoying the music from the new label. Especially the 1st 2 releases, ‘Summer Came My Way’ and the cover of ‘She Can’t Love You’, played them in my last 2 shows.  The Stooges cover is great fun but not something that would fit into my usual sets , I can see it would be a cracking festival tune though, and I’ll play the ‘World Gone Crazy’ in my next show, loving the groove on that, like an updated Mondays or Black Grape track.
~ Andy Wilson (Ibiza Sonica Radio)

‘Summer Came My Way’ is the one I’m playing a lot, Luxxury has done an amazing job on the remix but the vocals are the thing that keep me coming back. ‘World Gone Crazy’ is great too.
~ Pablo Conraband

New versions of ‘Summer Came My Way’ are great and the Sweet Tooth T one sounds like summer in a bottle!
~ Mark Barrott (International Feel – Ibiza)

For me, it’s ‘Summer Came My Way’ and ‘She Can’t Love You’ that really do it for me, and will get lots of plays on both of them.
~ Andrew Pirie (Melting Pot)

I loved the re-version of ‘She Can’t Love You’, played it out a few times, it’s great.
~ Tom Findlay (Groove Armada)

They’re great. Especially love the Chemise versions. Great work once again.
~ Flight Facilities (Australia)

Standout for me here is She Can’t Love You. Not usually a fan of covers, but this is lovely, been playing it out loads.
~ Harri (Sub Club)

Love Sweet Tooth T. This track promoted me to get in touch when I heard Andy Wilson play it in Ibiza on Sonica. Really nice version of a classic unknown to many I’d imagine.
~ Neil Diablo

I love Sweet Tooth T – that’s my roller skate funk jam! Straight outta Central Park circa ’82.
~ Luxxury (USA)

I think ‘She Can’t Love You’ and ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ are my favourites of the 4 tracks. Good work. I will definitely be playing ‘She Can’t Love You’ in my sets.
~ Filthy Luka (Horse Meat Disco)

Think my favourite here is the ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ redo. The original is an all time classic of course, but this adds something very different to the mix and accelerates it into that post-punk and then baggy environment. Can see crowds really going mental to that especially at festivals. As you can see, ‘Summer Came My Way’ going down very well on the beaches over the summer, but the Dog club version is the one I can see working in clubs and festivals.
~ Dicky Trisco

Love the Iggy cover, ‘She Can’t Love You’ also rocks my boat.
~ Jon Sa Trinxa (Ibiza)

I’m really into ‘Summer Came My Way’. The new mixes are superb. I’ve been playing them a lot over the last few weeks. I think the cover of ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ is really brave and really well executed. I’ve played this a couple of times as well, and it works brilliantly with a younger crowd who maybe aren’t as hung up on the original.
~ Balearic Mike

Loving that ‘World Gone Crazy’.
~ Norman Cook AKA Fatboy Slim

Really good work. The best for me – for my DJ set now – is ‘World Gone Crazy’!
~ Danielle Baldelli (Italy)

Man these are so fantastic thank you!
~ Alex Warren AKA Kiwi

You can listen to the first four releases below and grab yourself a copy at our shop.